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31 July 2011

A day on the lake... and a little brotherly love!

One of my best friends, Dan Pittman, has a boat that he loves to take people out on.  Adri and I have been out before with him, but had the opportunity to go out again this weekend and we remembered our camera this time.  We were out on the lake about 7 or 7:30am, and because there were clouds there was no one else out there.  The water was fairly calm, especially right after the clouds were gone.  Anyway, it proved to be a great morning out on the lake with some fun times, and some great pictures.

 Adri and I were both able to get up on at least something.  I hadn't been on skis in over 10 years, so being able to get up was quite the accomplishment for me.  Adri got up on a REALLY old wakeboard.  So old in fact that the "bindings" weren't really even boots.  More just padded velcro straps over and around the back of your foot.  Needless to say I was impressed.

 It was then time to bring out the tube.  Dan and I like to play a game of who can get the other off first.  I went for quite a while and then decided that I needed to stop hanging on.
 Well, that proved to be my downfall.  But instead of going off the side, or flipping the tube, I bounced right over the back of it.

 Dan and I got on the tube together while the girls tried to get us off.  Eventually Dan had to throw me off, or we had to voluntarily fall off.  Nothing against the girls, I just think they were more worried about not tipping the boat on turns than getting us off.
 Dan decided to surf the tube a bit, but that didn't last long either.
 Then it was time to get the girls on the tube.  This was a classic moment, and images I may never forget.  I just love the look on both of their faces as we circled to make waves, then went out and back right through the middle of them.
 Needless to say, we gave them quite a bit of air.  Adrienne held on as long as she could, but pretty much had to let go if she wanted to not get dragged behind the tube.

Now, lastly, for a little treat.  We have had thunderstorms on and off today, and so Adrienne and I decided to go on a walk in the evening as things were clearing up.  It was quite beautiful actually, and we just love this kind of weather.  Nice crisp air, the wonderful smell after a good rain, the cleanliness of everything and just the overall awesomeness.

Anyway, as we were walking we started talking about middle names.  I went through the middle names of my brothers, and Adrienne just loved how they all sounded.  As I mentioned Danny's we suddenly realized something about him.  So, we spent a few moments putting together our love for him.  We just couldn't resist turning him into the man we've always known him to be.

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