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Gimmewald, Switzerland

The most beautiful and majestic place we've ever been.

Paris, France

By far Adri's most favorite city and monument.

Istanbul, Turkey

The most culture shock worthy and wonderfully diverse city we know.

Cairo, Egypt

Our craziest, most intense story to date.

20 May 2010

The adventures of Madri...

Madri? That almost looks like we got close to going to Madrid, but not quite so we took off the d. Actually no, that has just become our couple name. Regardless of what you call us, or what we call each other (I won't get into that), we have a lot of adventures and love every one. If you would like to live vicariously through someone, I would like to make a case for Madri... just saying!

Anyway, this post is a long time coming and really is 3 combined into 1. We've been to a few places in the last few weeks and want to share it with friends and family.

A few weeks ago I was headed up to Portland for work and my boss had said I should go up the weekend before to see the area, head to the beach and really just relax. Perfect time to take Adri on her first trip with me. Within 5 miles of leaving the airport she looked at me and said, "Mark, can we live here?" Whether that happens or not, the area is a place we will always hold near and dear to our heart. Our experience there is what solidified for me the fact that I truly do love this girl and am so excited to have her with me wherever I go. It's also where we found her engagement ring, too bad I convinced her I wasn't buying it and did anyway.
This is probably one of the few "normal" pictures you will ever see of us. They don't happen often--case in point, see picture below.

The above 3 pictures are in the Japanese Gardens in Portland, and it just made Adri more excited to go to Japan one day... I promised her we would. Below is Haystack Rock out at Cannon Beach. Beautiful area, and this is actually a part of the movie "Goonies." Do you know what part?

When we aren't traveling out of state we like to go on picture adventures. I am teaching Adri some about what to look for and how to get what you want out of a picture, but I think she is pretty content with just watching me and being my assistant of sorts.

Then the grand daddy trip, the day after we got engaged. We went to Moab to go on Jeep tours, hike to delicate arch and just be away from the city for a bit. We had a wonderful time and really got a good taste of being down there. I think we will go again to see and do more, anyone want to join?

Well, those are our recent adventures. There will be more to come too, so just keep your eyes peeled and your browsers pointed here. Love you all!

14 May 2010

It really, actually, perfectly happened... I got engaged!

So, I am not quite sure how I did it, or why she agreed to it... but somehow I convinced someone to marry me. Adrienne Jo Rasmussen said yes to me last night around about 8:00pm and has made me the luckiest, most blessed man I know.

Because I know you all wonder, here is a little bit of the story.

We went out to get sushi for dinner because she loves anything and everything Japanese! Had a great dinner and then headed out to the Salt Flats to take pictures of the sunset. We walked around, I played with my camera, and she just watched me and talked to me. I finally got my camera set up the way I wanted it to and then was just "testing" a few shots. She looked away at the mountains and I grabbed the rings (yes, I said rings) and put them in my pockets. I talked to her a little longer and was already down on a knee when I pulled out the fake ring and popped the question. She just looked at me for a moment and I said to her, "This is the ring you wanted, isn't it?" She looked at me again, then down at the ring and said, "Really?" She didn't even answer my question, so I said to her, "Oh wait, no, this isn't it," reached into my pocket pulled out the real ring and said, "This is the ring, will you marry me?" She said yes and kissed me, and here is the proof of it all. Enjoy the pictures!

P.S. I think this is the most normal picture we have, and my face is still squished, but it is one of my favs because it is the first time we said we loved each other!