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Gimmewald, Switzerland

The most beautiful and majestic place we've ever been.

Paris, France

By far Adri's most favorite city and monument.

Istanbul, Turkey

The most culture shock worthy and wonderfully diverse city we know.

Cairo, Egypt

Our craziest, most intense story to date.

22 January 2013

Gasser's in an Abandoned Haven

As you may well know, Adri and I have an obsession with abandoned places.  Well, about a month ago we ran across a place about 15 minutes from where we live.  We told ourselves that we needed to look into it and go spend some time there.  I looked it up on Google Earth and found out that it is the Linfield Industrial Park.

Apparently it has been abandoned and for sale since the 70's.  Some guy owns it and every time someone makes an offer he increases the price, so no one ever buys it.  In the time we were there we saw a mother and her son walking around with their dog and a hunter walking through on his way back to the woods to go hunting.  We talked with him for about 20 minutes and found out that the locals walk around in there or through there all the time.

In total we were there for over 3 hours exploring and taking pictures, and we didn't even see the entire place.  Apparently it is 2,000,000 square feet of pure abandonment.  We will for sure be headed back when it gets warmer outside and the green starts to come back.

So, I wanted to share a number of the pictures that we got while we were there.  First, here are my favorites...

Now, some of the others that I really liked, just not my favorites...

14 January 2013

Christmas in Utah

This is going to be a shorter post, mainly because I didn't take a ton of photos at Christmas this year.  Don't get me wrong, I took my camera, I just didn't pull it out much.  I did have a GoPro with me as we went sledding and snowboarding, but those pictures will come later... hopefully with a video.

So, Christmas in 2012... 

We went to Logan, Utah to spend the holidays with Adri's family there.  It snowed almost the entire time we were there, which is a lot more than it has ever snowed here (granted we've only been in Pennsylvania for a couple months).

We spent the majority of the time relaxing and just enjoying the company of Adrienne's family.  Really, the vacation was much needed and a lot of fun.  Good for the both of us.  Good for Adri to be able to see them, and good for me to continue to get to know them.

Just before we went to Utah we took a quick trip down to Washington, D.C. to go to the temple, see the Christmas lights and see my brother Jeff.  I wanted to share just two quick pictures from that.  Especially since at Christmas time it is the birth of Christ that we celebrate.