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Gimmewald, Switzerland

The most beautiful and majestic place we've ever been.

Paris, France

By far Adri's most favorite city and monument.

Istanbul, Turkey

The most culture shock worthy and wonderfully diverse city we know.

Cairo, Egypt

Our craziest, most intense story to date.

29 January 2012

Who is Captain CTR?

So, Adri is the primary chorister at the moment and she absolutely loves doing it.  We go through the same routine each week.  She talks about it all week, prepares, and gets everything ready... then when Sunday morning comes she is nervous, hoping she does ok.  Then, when I go to get her after all is said and done, everyone talks about how great she did.

Well, this week she got a crazy idea from the Crazy Chorister (see her blog by clicking on Crazy Chorister).  She needed a Captain CTR.  Being her husband, she asked if I would do it, and I didn't hesitate to accept an opportunity to dress up in church.  So, in just a few short moments we came up with the costume you see here.
 Cape complete with the homemade CTR badge and a mask from some extra fabric Adri has from another project.
Well, I showed up to the song "Choose the Right" and talked to the kids about what it means to choose the right.  I then asked each kid if they would be willing to choose the right, and gave each of them a CTR bracelet.  I told them what they needed to do while singing the song and then trotted out of the room.  (And... I just spoiled the movie, so you really don't need to watch it... it is 4 1/2 minutes, so I wouldn't be hurt if you skipped it).

15 January 2012

Late Night Trains

Every so often Adri and I get the itch to go explore something--look for a new adventure, and do something we haven't done before.  Last night this involved driving out I-80 here in Utah looking for something, anything that peaked our interest.  As we drove we pulled off at a place we have been before, just not at night.  As we pulled up we found that there were already people there, so we hoped back in the car and continued on down the road.  We randomly pulled off at an exit and hopped onto the frontage road.  It just so happened to be right next to some train tracks that were not in use.  So, out came the camera, and the adventure continued...

05 January 2012

Christmas with the Gasser's

Adri and I headed to Dallas, TX for Christmas this year.  It was in the high 50s low 60s almost the entire time we were there.  Then it was 70 when we left, and we came back to Utah and 20s with no snow.

We had such a wonderful time down there.  I didn't get pictures of everything that we did and saw, but I tried to get what I could.  We spent time going to 2 different museums, saw a couple movies, played some games, went to see some really cool buildings architecturally speaking, and visited a Hare Krishna church, and spent a lot of time reminiscing and sharing stores and just talking and catching up.

So, without further adieu, here are the pictures for our Christmas with the Gasser side.

We made gingerbread houses, and had quite the entertaining time as we did so.  Dad, Mom, Jeff and James really got into theirs.  I think they ended up putting just about everything they could onto it.  Can you pick out which one is theirs from the photo?

It as a lot of fun playing Santa for the little ones this year.  It has been a really long time since I have seen that many presents under the tree, but I guess that is what happens when you get 13 people together for Christmas and have 2 nieces and a nephew that get to be the spoiled ones.

My brother Danny is an architect (or at least finishing up school to be), and loves buildings, so we had to go see some around town.  This one above is the Marty Leonard Memorial Chapel, and was designed by Fay Jones.  I am not sure who that is personally, but the building was awesome and provided for some really cool pictures.

Jeff is working with the Beckett Fund and they were possibly going to be picking up a client in Dallas, so we stopped by there to do some filming and photo shoots.  We were at the Hare Krishna temple there and were invited in to see the ceremony.  It was quite interesting, and very intricately decorated.

We also went to the location of JFK's assassination and read about that as well as looked at the memorial.

Now come the family pictures.  In order here you have Megan and then Abby who are Kristy's little girls.  Megan wants to be a dancer and ran around in her outfits the entire time we were there.  Abby is super cuddly and loves the slides at the park.

Then you have Liam who is Danny and Denise's little boy, and he is so energetic, adventurous and curious.  He was non-stop going all day every day, and it was a lot of fun to build towers and let him run over and knock them down.



Denise, Liam and Danny

Adri and I

Adri and I (again - it's our bog so we can put up multiple pictures)

Megan, Chopper, Kristy and Abby

Adri, Mom and Dad (sorry mom and dad that I didn't have any better pictures of you two, haha)

 I just had to put this because I love my mom's face in this picture.

And finally, the actual family pictures.  People ask why I never do straight faces and am always goofing around in pictures... well, it runs in the family.  We had a lot of fun taking these pictures, and they turned out great.  Best part is that they were free because I took them.  Yes, I was in them, and I took them.

We hope that everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as we did and that the New Year treats you well. We are super excited for the adventure that this year will be, and look forward to continuing to share it with anyone that wants to take a moment to read.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (even though it is after the fact, I know)