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Gimmewald, Switzerland

The most beautiful and majestic place we've ever been.

Paris, France

By far Adri's most favorite city and monument.

Istanbul, Turkey

The most culture shock worthy and wonderfully diverse city we know.

Cairo, Egypt

Our craziest, most intense story to date.

31 July 2011

A day on the lake... and a little brotherly love!

One of my best friends, Dan Pittman, has a boat that he loves to take people out on.  Adri and I have been out before with him, but had the opportunity to go out again this weekend and we remembered our camera this time.  We were out on the lake about 7 or 7:30am, and because there were clouds there was no one else out there.  The water was fairly calm, especially right after the clouds were gone.  Anyway, it proved to be a great morning out on the lake with some fun times, and some great pictures.

 Adri and I were both able to get up on at least something.  I hadn't been on skis in over 10 years, so being able to get up was quite the accomplishment for me.  Adri got up on a REALLY old wakeboard.  So old in fact that the "bindings" weren't really even boots.  More just padded velcro straps over and around the back of your foot.  Needless to say I was impressed.

 It was then time to bring out the tube.  Dan and I like to play a game of who can get the other off first.  I went for quite a while and then decided that I needed to stop hanging on.
 Well, that proved to be my downfall.  But instead of going off the side, or flipping the tube, I bounced right over the back of it.

 Dan and I got on the tube together while the girls tried to get us off.  Eventually Dan had to throw me off, or we had to voluntarily fall off.  Nothing against the girls, I just think they were more worried about not tipping the boat on turns than getting us off.
 Dan decided to surf the tube a bit, but that didn't last long either.
 Then it was time to get the girls on the tube.  This was a classic moment, and images I may never forget.  I just love the look on both of their faces as we circled to make waves, then went out and back right through the middle of them.
 Needless to say, we gave them quite a bit of air.  Adrienne held on as long as she could, but pretty much had to let go if she wanted to not get dragged behind the tube.

Now, lastly, for a little treat.  We have had thunderstorms on and off today, and so Adrienne and I decided to go on a walk in the evening as things were clearing up.  It was quite beautiful actually, and we just love this kind of weather.  Nice crisp air, the wonderful smell after a good rain, the cleanliness of everything and just the overall awesomeness.

Anyway, as we were walking we started talking about middle names.  I went through the middle names of my brothers, and Adrienne just loved how they all sounded.  As I mentioned Danny's we suddenly realized something about him.  So, we spent a few moments putting together our love for him.  We just couldn't resist turning him into the man we've always known him to be.

24 July 2011

The past meets the present...

Adrienne and I were in Logan this last weekend visiting some of her family.  Her sister that lives in Colorado was in town, so we headed up Friday night to spend time with her and her kids.  On the way home on Saturday we decided to see if we could find where I lived in my short time here in Utah.  Adrienne wanted to see where I grew up.  Technically I didn't spend all my years in North Ogden as I was 2 when we moved there from Salt Lake.  But all the years I remember in Utah were there.  So, we pulled off the freeway where we thought we might be able to find it.  Low and behold, not long there after I start to recognize where we were.  We drove down the street of the Cherry Days Parade.  I could remember having my dad's Mazda truck on the side of the road where we would jump out for candy and then stash it all in the back.  He would always let us lay down in the back while he drove crazy, rolling us around and bouncing over the speed bumps.  This is also where I lost my favorite hat at the time.

This house here is where I learned to ride a bike.  It is also where we had our dog Katie who we were told ran away (we all know better now days).  I also met my best friend here, Tyler Schvaneveldt.  My dentist, Dr. Russell lived down the street, as well as other friends, Josh Clarke and Bryan Butler.  This also where Danny met his first crush, Ashley Warren.

This is where I went to elementary school... Bates Elementary.  I remember Halloween parades through the halls, and my favorite teachers, Mrs. Searle and Mrs. Bitton.  I loved playing soccer here in the big field and sliding down the hills in trash bags when it snowed.

Danny should remember this house.  One day when we couldn't find him, we found out he had wandered over here and was in their house eating food.  We spent a lot of time here, and learned to play video games (anyone remember Double Dragon?) with the boys who were at least 2x our age.

After we left the grey house we moved into a rented house for a while (sorry I couldn't find it), while we waited for our house up near Ben Lomond Peak to be built.  We moved into the home below and spent a few years here before moving back east.  I remember the big flood when my dad woke up almost every hour to remove water that was pooling outside my window.  I remember the fire when we had to evacuate and go to my Aunt Laura's.  I remember the bobsled course my mom built in the winter on the side of the house for us to sled down.  I remember biting through my tongue on a pogo stick across the street.  I also remember sleeping on the deck out back on a warm summer night and looking down the valley at the lights.

This sign here should be significant to my father.  He challenged my sister and I to ride from the bottom to the top of this road (one big hill about a mile and a half to two miles long) without stopping.  He told us that if we made it he would buy us a new bike.  I still have not seen that new bike... and I later found out he didn't think I would do it.  I learned that day that I could do anything I put my mind to.  So even though I didn't get that bike, I thank my dad for teaching me the lesson.

There are so many memories from my early childhood that all came streaming back when I drove through the streets of North Ogden.  I think Adri really enjoyed driving them with me and listening to my stories of things that happened, and having me point out different locations and telling her what happened there.  We only spent about 30 minutes driving around, but it was 30 minutes well worth it.

18 July 2011

The Tetons of Grand

Adri and I have been planning a camping trip to the Grand Tetons for quite some time now.  I think it came about when we first started talking about our trips that we want to go on this year.  It was either that or Yosemite... and since the Tetons are so much closer, it was an easy choice.

Anyway, we went this weekend and had a wonderful time.  A couple friends from our ward came along, as well as a friend from the singles ward where we met.  We camped, hiked, wanted to climb (but I got some sort of stomach sickness), drove a lot, explored and just had an all around great time.  We wished we had had a way to take our bikes up to ride around the park.  The weather was perfect for it.  We also are happy to have not had any bear encounters.  Apparently they've had a lot of bear activity this summer and had to shut down a few camp grounds as a result.  But, we are home now and in one piece still.

This outhouse is located in an area call Mormon Row and was so very picturesque.  There were many other buildings as well, but this just stood out to us.  So much so, that when nature called, we couldn't help but answer.

This little guy is what we think is called a Pika.  There is in fact an animal species there by this name, but the picture wasn't that great, so we couldn't be sure.  Granted, they were cute and had we had a can of spray paint we would have turned him yellow and looked for some special power.  Maybe we should call him "Chu."

This panorama is more of Mormon Row, just showing off multiple buildings with a view of the Tetons.  I think this is a place I could wake up to every morning and go to sleep to every night.  It was so very beautiful.

We went on a hike near around Jenny Lake that was created by a glacier.  I waded through some water to my knees (only because I was balancing on a fallen tree) out to a rock out-cropping.  That's where I got the following 2 pictures.  Others wanted to follow, didn't want to get their socks and shoes wet.  That's why Adri and I wear hiking sandals.

We arrived at Hidden Falls (2.5 miles up) and were cooled off by the mist.  So much so that Adri even started to shiver a bit at one point.  I think she is always cold, but that's ok.

 We both played around a bit.  Adri tried to not get knocked over by the falls where I tried to command the beast.

After a long day and a great time over the whole weekend, we enjoyed the camp fire and stars.  Once the sun went down we headed out for a quick photo adventure to Oxbow Bend to get some pictures of the stars over the mountains.  This on below may look like the sun, but it is the moon.  I left the shutter open so long that you can see the clouds have moved.

This mountain here in the distance is Mt. Moran.  Not the most popular peak in the park, but sits at the other end of a beautiful lake so that you get a great reflection.  This again was taken at night.

And of course, we had to get a shot of our tent and the stars at night.  I think I ought to submit this photo to REI to show them what great use we are making of our tent.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a panorama of the Teton range.  Due to location, Mt. Moran looks to be the tallest, but the Grand Teton is the actual tallest (it is the tall jagged one on the left).

We would recommend this trip to anyone.  It was truly amazing, and just spectacular in its views.  There was plenty to do, and we plan to go back one day.  Adrienne has decided that she wants to hike the Grand Teton and summit it.  I find that a worthy goal and one to strive for.

10 July 2011

Life just adds up...

It's been almost a month since we last posted anything.  Consider this our repentance.

Anyway, since the last post we have been quite busy with life.  I've been on the road a lot lately, which Adri doesn't always enjoy.  But then I got us tickets to Paris and Switzerland for our 1 year anniversary because of all the miles I've flown and she was suddenly ok with it.

As seen here, I was amazed to make it to another birthday.  #29 this year... almost as young as my old man.  At least that is what all of my siblings are telling me.

We continue to seek out and find abandon buildings.  This shot is from a house that is near the hospital here in Salt Lake.  No fences, no signs, nothing... just pure abandonment off the side of the road.  the front door was even wide open just beckoning us to enter.  Adri got eaten alive by the mosquitos (I think she counted 20 bites from the 20 minutes we were there), but we got some cool shots and didn't even get to explore the whole house.  I think this is my favorite of the shots I took there.

We also found this abandoned bowling alley when we were in the St. George area.  Everything was still in place practically, and it even looked like that they had an auction of some sort for all of the stuff and then left what they couldn't get rid of.  I've always wanted a pair of bowling shoes to just wear randomly, but even here I felt like it was stealing if I took them.

The weather has been very up and down lately.  Hot one day, rain the next, and just all over.  I guess that is typical for around here.  Anyway, it has produced some awesome sunsets for us though.  This was the view from the balcony at our apartment.

For the 4th of July we went to a parade/breakfast in the morning.  Adrienne took pictures on our little point and shoot, but at the moment we can't find it.  By such, we sadly do not have any photos from that part of our day to post right now.  Sorry!

But, we went on a great hike up the canyon.  It was quick and easy, and really great weather.  It started to sprinkle a bit, but nothing worth not going for.  We were looking for Donut Falls, but there has been so much water coming down that it was overflowing and we couldn't see the donate.  We had a good time anyway.

And of course, who can celebrate the 4th without fireworks (well, apparently Kristy and Chopper can).  We went to Murray City because Adri said it was an hour long show the last time she was there.  It was about 15-30 minutes this time, but it was still good and we can't complain.

All in all life is just dandy for us right now.  So much going on and so much to do.  We even got asked to speak in our old single's ward at the end of the month.  Kind of an exciting thing if you ask me.