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24 July 2011

The past meets the present...

Adrienne and I were in Logan this last weekend visiting some of her family.  Her sister that lives in Colorado was in town, so we headed up Friday night to spend time with her and her kids.  On the way home on Saturday we decided to see if we could find where I lived in my short time here in Utah.  Adrienne wanted to see where I grew up.  Technically I didn't spend all my years in North Ogden as I was 2 when we moved there from Salt Lake.  But all the years I remember in Utah were there.  So, we pulled off the freeway where we thought we might be able to find it.  Low and behold, not long there after I start to recognize where we were.  We drove down the street of the Cherry Days Parade.  I could remember having my dad's Mazda truck on the side of the road where we would jump out for candy and then stash it all in the back.  He would always let us lay down in the back while he drove crazy, rolling us around and bouncing over the speed bumps.  This is also where I lost my favorite hat at the time.

This house here is where I learned to ride a bike.  It is also where we had our dog Katie who we were told ran away (we all know better now days).  I also met my best friend here, Tyler Schvaneveldt.  My dentist, Dr. Russell lived down the street, as well as other friends, Josh Clarke and Bryan Butler.  This also where Danny met his first crush, Ashley Warren.

This is where I went to elementary school... Bates Elementary.  I remember Halloween parades through the halls, and my favorite teachers, Mrs. Searle and Mrs. Bitton.  I loved playing soccer here in the big field and sliding down the hills in trash bags when it snowed.

Danny should remember this house.  One day when we couldn't find him, we found out he had wandered over here and was in their house eating food.  We spent a lot of time here, and learned to play video games (anyone remember Double Dragon?) with the boys who were at least 2x our age.

After we left the grey house we moved into a rented house for a while (sorry I couldn't find it), while we waited for our house up near Ben Lomond Peak to be built.  We moved into the home below and spent a few years here before moving back east.  I remember the big flood when my dad woke up almost every hour to remove water that was pooling outside my window.  I remember the fire when we had to evacuate and go to my Aunt Laura's.  I remember the bobsled course my mom built in the winter on the side of the house for us to sled down.  I remember biting through my tongue on a pogo stick across the street.  I also remember sleeping on the deck out back on a warm summer night and looking down the valley at the lights.

This sign here should be significant to my father.  He challenged my sister and I to ride from the bottom to the top of this road (one big hill about a mile and a half to two miles long) without stopping.  He told us that if we made it he would buy us a new bike.  I still have not seen that new bike... and I later found out he didn't think I would do it.  I learned that day that I could do anything I put my mind to.  So even though I didn't get that bike, I thank my dad for teaching me the lesson.

There are so many memories from my early childhood that all came streaming back when I drove through the streets of North Ogden.  I think Adri really enjoyed driving them with me and listening to my stories of things that happened, and having me point out different locations and telling her what happened there.  We only spent about 30 minutes driving around, but it was 30 minutes well worth it.

2 people had something to say:

Wonderful Whittacres said...

We stopped there on our way back from Utah going back to ISU. Kristy and I walked the sidewalks for hours looking for her initials she left in wet cement (graffiti) back then. We never found it but I did see your old house's and hear all the stories.

Dan and Denise said...

Did you show Adri the brick in the house we spray painted? (more graffiti)