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18 July 2011

The Tetons of Grand

Adri and I have been planning a camping trip to the Grand Tetons for quite some time now.  I think it came about when we first started talking about our trips that we want to go on this year.  It was either that or Yosemite... and since the Tetons are so much closer, it was an easy choice.

Anyway, we went this weekend and had a wonderful time.  A couple friends from our ward came along, as well as a friend from the singles ward where we met.  We camped, hiked, wanted to climb (but I got some sort of stomach sickness), drove a lot, explored and just had an all around great time.  We wished we had had a way to take our bikes up to ride around the park.  The weather was perfect for it.  We also are happy to have not had any bear encounters.  Apparently they've had a lot of bear activity this summer and had to shut down a few camp grounds as a result.  But, we are home now and in one piece still.

This outhouse is located in an area call Mormon Row and was so very picturesque.  There were many other buildings as well, but this just stood out to us.  So much so, that when nature called, we couldn't help but answer.

This little guy is what we think is called a Pika.  There is in fact an animal species there by this name, but the picture wasn't that great, so we couldn't be sure.  Granted, they were cute and had we had a can of spray paint we would have turned him yellow and looked for some special power.  Maybe we should call him "Chu."

This panorama is more of Mormon Row, just showing off multiple buildings with a view of the Tetons.  I think this is a place I could wake up to every morning and go to sleep to every night.  It was so very beautiful.

We went on a hike near around Jenny Lake that was created by a glacier.  I waded through some water to my knees (only because I was balancing on a fallen tree) out to a rock out-cropping.  That's where I got the following 2 pictures.  Others wanted to follow, didn't want to get their socks and shoes wet.  That's why Adri and I wear hiking sandals.

We arrived at Hidden Falls (2.5 miles up) and were cooled off by the mist.  So much so that Adri even started to shiver a bit at one point.  I think she is always cold, but that's ok.

 We both played around a bit.  Adri tried to not get knocked over by the falls where I tried to command the beast.

After a long day and a great time over the whole weekend, we enjoyed the camp fire and stars.  Once the sun went down we headed out for a quick photo adventure to Oxbow Bend to get some pictures of the stars over the mountains.  This on below may look like the sun, but it is the moon.  I left the shutter open so long that you can see the clouds have moved.

This mountain here in the distance is Mt. Moran.  Not the most popular peak in the park, but sits at the other end of a beautiful lake so that you get a great reflection.  This again was taken at night.

And of course, we had to get a shot of our tent and the stars at night.  I think I ought to submit this photo to REI to show them what great use we are making of our tent.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a panorama of the Teton range.  Due to location, Mt. Moran looks to be the tallest, but the Grand Teton is the actual tallest (it is the tall jagged one on the left).

We would recommend this trip to anyone.  It was truly amazing, and just spectacular in its views.  There was plenty to do, and we plan to go back one day.  Adrienne has decided that she wants to hike the Grand Teton and summit it.  I find that a worthy goal and one to strive for.

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Wonderful Whittacres said...

So glad you went to Grand Teton! You should get in a trip to Yellowstone too but Teton is better for nature without people! I'm quite jealous -- I haven't been camping in ages! Chopper's jealous too -- Idaho and Utah have the best camping and it's not triple digits!