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Gimmewald, Switzerland

The most beautiful and majestic place we've ever been.

Paris, France

By far Adri's most favorite city and monument.

Istanbul, Turkey

The most culture shock worthy and wonderfully diverse city we know.

Cairo, Egypt

Our craziest, most intense story to date.

31 March 2009

25 March 2009

23 March 2009

If the world were different...

I was talking to a friend of mine today and had this random thought.  As we talked about it for a moment I decided that I wanted to post about it.

So I wonder, why is it that if you want to be healthy you have to pay so much money?  I walk through a grocery store and everything that is supposed to be healthy for you or organic is so dang expensive.  Yet, when I walk through the junk food section and such it is much cheaper.  I don't understand this at all.  In fact, it seems quite ironic to me.  I mean, there are so many warnings and such that tell you the effects of not being healthy.  Doctors are always talking about what you should and shouldn't do to be healthy.  Yet, they all charge a ton of money for it.  But, if I want to be unhealthy it is basically free.  In fact, it can be completely free.  It is unhealthy to sit and do nothing and if I want to I can do that without a problem.  But hey, think about all the money you are saving by being unhealthy.  Maybe I should be unhealthy for a time and then use all the extra money to buy something to make me healthy again.

But then I started thinking, well if the world were the other way around, or backwards from what it is now... would I then be obese?  So, I started to wonder what I would look like if I were obese.  My friend suggested a site (thank you Krista!) and I went and put my face on an obese kid.  Therefore, if I were obese, this is what I would look like.

All in all, I have come to the conclusion that I will live with the way the world is.  After seeing this image I don't think I could live with myself looking like this.  I think I will stick to the health and spend the extra money.  But... it is still ironic if you ask me.

19 March 2009

St. Patty's Day in the Chi

If you have never been to Chicago for St. Patrick's Day, then you might want to find an excuse.  I'd only heard about this before, and now that I live in Chicago I get to actually experience it.  I heard it was dyed green, but I had no idea what they were actually talking about.  So, here it is, the dying of the river.  It looked like the Ghostbusters needed to come after this because Slimer has just had his way with the river.   
Talk about a difference in color.  The contrast was crazy.

Then of course you get to enjoy the town the rest of the day with all the interesting people around and everyone looking for their favorite Irish pub.  This guy had to have been the most popular guy in all of Chicago for the day.  I swear he took at least 75 pictures in the 10 minutes it took for me to get and eat some food.  Why didn't I think of this?  I would have so many friends now if I had.  Oh well, maybe next year.

06 March 2009

Chicago Skyline

I took this picture last night and messed with the coloring some.  This is why Chicago is so beautiful.  Sorry they are a bit small, but I will continue to play and see if I can get them larger.
This is the original.
This is with the color boosted a bit.
Here the color is faded.
And here you have the classic black and white.