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17 January 2009

Why my bro is so cool...

I recently went on a trip out to Utah.  The trip was fantastic for many reasons, all of which I am so grateful for.  But, I am not going to go into them all right now, I really just wanted everyone to know that I have an awesome brother.

My brother, Danny, came up to The Canyons ski resort to go snowboarding with me a week ago today.  He is pretty good, although he claims he isn't as good as he used to be.  Anyway, we made a run in some powder early in the day and decided that we had to get my camera and do it again.  So, at lunch, we grabbed the camera, took a few lifts up to 9990 and then hiked the rest of the way up.  Had to stop and take a picture at the sign as we left the resort to do some back-country!  The snow out there was amazing!  The best powder run I have ever taken in my entire life!
As we were enjoying ourselves in the powder, we decided to make one more run up there, but to take a different route.  As we were darting in and out of trees, riding ridges, and bombing bowls, Danny noticed a group of people sitting up above a jump.  "I have to go hit that," he tells me.  He rides over to join the group as I go down below the jump and grab my camera.  A few people go, really just straight airing the thing, and a few 180s and 360s here and there.  No one really is doing anything.  Danny decides to jump in line and the following photo is what ensues.

The man did a front flip and landed it.  Everyone went crazy when he hit it, and he showed all of them up.  Happily I was there to get it on camera, and after some work in Photoshop, I got the whole sequence in one picture.

All I have to say is, he's a pretty cool brother!