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Gimmewald, Switzerland

The most beautiful and majestic place we've ever been.

Paris, France

By far Adri's most favorite city and monument.

Istanbul, Turkey

The most culture shock worthy and wonderfully diverse city we know.

Cairo, Egypt

Our craziest, most intense story to date.

29 May 2011

Bouldering in Joe's Valley

For part of our Memorial Day weekend we headed down to an area called Joe's Valley.  It is about 30-45 minutes just outside of Price.  We had only heard about this place, and heard there was some great bouldering.  Plus, we had a new tent and sleeping bags to try out.  So, we rounded up a few friends, our gear, and headed south.

We didn't know exactly where to go, but luckily a local knew a general idea.  "Look for the parked cars on the side of the road down the canyon," he said.  That's exactly what we did.  There were cars everywhere and people grabbing their gear and heading to the rocks.  We just had to pick a place and stop.  Turned out to be a great half day of bouldering, a great camping trip and a place we will definitely return to.
 Adrienne is starting to get more confident with my camera and her artistic eye is starting to come out as well.  This little tree was at the top of the first boulder we were climbing on.  Unfortunately Adri also basically became the photographer, so you won't see many photos of her climbing.  I think she is ok with that as she feels that she is still coming into her own as a climber.

 After a bit of climbing we had to hike around with our non-climbing friends, and then become one with nature.

Again, this is a place we will definitely return to, and one we are happy to take people with us.  So, if you're ever in Utah and want to enjoy some beautiful Utah scenery and climbing... we know at least one place to go.

15 May 2011

A Weekend Full of Cakes!

Hello Everyone. This is Adrienne. I thought it was my turn to blog. I wanted to share with you my projects for this week. I was fortunate enough to make a Wedding cake for my friend Ilene and a Retirement cake for someone with the Morman Tabernacle Choir, this weekend. The process started Monday when I baked all the cakes (8 batches total to be exact) and made all the fondant and frosting in advance. Frosting the cakes was one nights project, then covering each one with fondant was another night.

Luckily Mark was out of town for 2 of the nights. The rest of the time he was super helpful and attentive while I stressed and destroyed the kitchen and dinning room. He was so great and found lots to do while I was in my own little world (example: lots of games on the Xbox)

So here is Ilene and Brionne's wedding cake. It made it to the place in almost a crumpled mess. The humid weather and my not-so-stiff frosting under the fondant was perfect for a collapsing cake. I think the flowers were a life saver and distracted most from any big flaws. 

We were lucky enough to actually eat this cake. I don't mean to brag... but it was fantastic! It was Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting. I wanted seconds!

And now for the retirement cake. I think this one is another one of my favorites. I was sent a picture of the cake with the same idea but my client wanted it square. The cream and black looked super classy. I really love the look of piping on Fondant. I think it is so sleek. I thought of my sister in-law, Marie, a lot. She was kind of my inspiration. I think this would be very fitting for her too.

08 May 2011

Ironman = Motivation + Inspiration

Adri and I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the Ironman St. George during its 2nd time running.  I have never personally witnessed such an amazing event.  From the pro athletes who are there to win it and just blow your mind in their speed, to those that are there for the first time just overwhelmed to finish, and then on to those that are completing their 15+ Ironman.  It was such a motivating and inspiring event.  So much so that we are talking about completing one ourselves one of these days.  We looked at bikes, we talked about logistics of doing it and how we would train for it.  We would love to one day say that we are an Ironman and Ironwoman.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the Ironman triathlon, it consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run (marathon)... totaling 140.6 miles of pure determination.  All of which must be completed within 17 hours (2:20 for the swim, 8 for the bike and 6:40 for the run).

As volunteers we got to be at the start and finish without being questioned as to why we were so close to everything.  That just added an extra measure of amazing!

We watched as the pros entered the water and took off... all about 40 of them.  Their physical condition and mental toughness just astounds me.

Here we have the other almost 1900 people entering the water after to pros to being their quest to become an Ironman.

 As you can see, some people were overjoyed and just so excited to be there that they just couldn't contain their enthusiasm.  Others took time to collect themselves and seek an inner peace to get them through the event.

 As the racers swam we took a few pictures of us at the swim finish and then what we would be doing as wetsuit peelers (a.k.a. strippers).
 Here Adri and Margie a being cute while I actually try to do my job.  Basically we helped remove the wetsuits of the competitors as they came out of the water.  Some of them were delirious and overwhelmed that they didn't realize while we were there until it was almost too late.  Often we had to tell someone to just sit down and let us help them get out of the wetsuit.  We had one girl come through just screaming and crying for joy at what she was doing and how hapy she was to be competing.  It was quite an emotional experience.
 Here Adri is helping to remove the wetsuit booties that keep their feet warm, while Wendi and I just rip the whole wetsuit off.  Those things came off in about 5 seconds or less if you grabbed and pulled just right.
 This area is the swim to bike transition area.  There were so many bikes to look at and just wish I had... haha!
 After we finished our task for the day we headed home to take a quick nap before we had to be at the finish.
 At the finish we got to see the pros as they crossed the line at about 8 hours and 32 minutes for the men... which is averaging about 16.5 mph through the entire race.  He broke the course record by 8 minutes as well.

 Then we watched the female winner come across at 9 hours and 30 minutes.  She beat the next closest female by 36 minutes... incredible.

We went back at about 10:00 pm at night to watch more people come in.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera at that point, but the emotion was incredible.  You could see the joy, the pain, the satisfaction and determination on every person's face as they crossed the finish line.  It just brings a tear to your eye of the pure happiness those people have as they accomplish such a feat.

All in all the event was awe-inspiring and just worth every moment.  We hope to volunteer again next year and continue to be a part of such a cool experience.  And, on top of that, we hope to compete in one ourselves here someday soon.  I guess that means we better start training...

We hope that anyone that can will be there to support us when we accomplish this goal of ours!

04 May 2011

Beautiful, and abandonment

A friend at Adri's work asked her to make cupcakes for a baby's blessing this past Sunday.  She gave her an idea with a picture of what she was looking for and this is what Adri put together.  She is so good, so talented, and I think she sees it before she makes it.  Oh, and they were quite good too!

It's also been a while since Adri and I went out on a photo-adventure.  With an opportunity to do so on our way to see a friend's new place, we couldn't pass it up.  We heard about this abandoned house from Maria Wood (the person who took our wedding photos) and just had to go check it out.  It was a small little home with nothing inside, but some of the ways that things were peeling and falling apart were just so fascinating.

It's fun to think of the contrast between Adri's cupcakes and my fascination with the decaying.  It just goes to show that you can find beauty in all things.