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15 May 2011

A Weekend Full of Cakes!

Hello Everyone. This is Adrienne. I thought it was my turn to blog. I wanted to share with you my projects for this week. I was fortunate enough to make a Wedding cake for my friend Ilene and a Retirement cake for someone with the Morman Tabernacle Choir, this weekend. The process started Monday when I baked all the cakes (8 batches total to be exact) and made all the fondant and frosting in advance. Frosting the cakes was one nights project, then covering each one with fondant was another night.

Luckily Mark was out of town for 2 of the nights. The rest of the time he was super helpful and attentive while I stressed and destroyed the kitchen and dinning room. He was so great and found lots to do while I was in my own little world (example: lots of games on the Xbox)

So here is Ilene and Brionne's wedding cake. It made it to the place in almost a crumpled mess. The humid weather and my not-so-stiff frosting under the fondant was perfect for a collapsing cake. I think the flowers were a life saver and distracted most from any big flaws. 

We were lucky enough to actually eat this cake. I don't mean to brag... but it was fantastic! It was Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting. I wanted seconds!

And now for the retirement cake. I think this one is another one of my favorites. I was sent a picture of the cake with the same idea but my client wanted it square. The cream and black looked super classy. I really love the look of piping on Fondant. I think it is so sleek. I thought of my sister in-law, Marie, a lot. She was kind of my inspiration. I think this would be very fitting for her too.

1 people had something to say:

Marie said...

You thought of meeee??!! Sniff, sniff.. Thank you!
You are amazing! You do everything, don't you?! I love you tons, and hope to see you soon.