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06 March 2009

Chicago Skyline

I took this picture last night and messed with the coloring some.  This is why Chicago is so beautiful.  Sorry they are a bit small, but I will continue to play and see if I can get them larger.
This is the original.
This is with the color boosted a bit.
Here the color is faded.
And here you have the classic black and white.

5 people had something to say:

Becki said...

sweet view!

katy kathryn julia said...

I like your blog! Job well done, Mr. Gasser.

Wonderful Whittacres said...


I saw your site a while back and been meaning to tell you that your skills with the camera are amazing. I am no expert but I think they are just as good as a perfesional. I also have some advice for you...ignore the ladies and they won't ignore you. Your brother Chop.

Kati said...

very well done markus!!!

Kendra the Great said...

Yeah, you are pretty much amazing! Those pictures are incredible!!