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29 January 2012

Who is Captain CTR?

So, Adri is the primary chorister at the moment and she absolutely loves doing it.  We go through the same routine each week.  She talks about it all week, prepares, and gets everything ready... then when Sunday morning comes she is nervous, hoping she does ok.  Then, when I go to get her after all is said and done, everyone talks about how great she did.

Well, this week she got a crazy idea from the Crazy Chorister (see her blog by clicking on Crazy Chorister).  She needed a Captain CTR.  Being her husband, she asked if I would do it, and I didn't hesitate to accept an opportunity to dress up in church.  So, in just a few short moments we came up with the costume you see here.
 Cape complete with the homemade CTR badge and a mask from some extra fabric Adri has from another project.
Well, I showed up to the song "Choose the Right" and talked to the kids about what it means to choose the right.  I then asked each kid if they would be willing to choose the right, and gave each of them a CTR bracelet.  I told them what they needed to do while singing the song and then trotted out of the room.  (And... I just spoiled the movie, so you really don't need to watch it... it is 4 1/2 minutes, so I wouldn't be hurt if you skipped it).

2 people had something to say:

Kerri and K.L. said...

Can I watch the movie? It won't let us in. Captain CTR is awesome!!!

Marie said...

What a fabulous idea!!! I never saw this one, but don't you just love the Crazy Chorister? Mark, you're a good sport just like Tay. He was my Dr. Singsalot, and would come in form time to time to give us a checkup. Good times!
Just like Kerri and K, I can't watch the movie, and I reeeeally want to so... FIX IT!!! :)