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07 August 2011

Chop chop, mix mix... new life recipe!

Two big things happened in Adri's life recently.  She invented a new recipe for her life.  It is called Kitchen Cut, and has her beaming from ear to ear.

First announcement, or ingredient... Adri decided to cut her hair.  Yeah, I know, lots of people cut their hair.  In fact, just about everyone will cut it at some point in their life.  I thought I would point this out because I think my dad would say something like that when I say that Adri decided to cut hers.  Well, she didn't decide to just cut it, she decided to chop it off.  Luckily for her she didn't have to do it on her own.  Her sister Taneea is trained in the art of hair cuttery, so she did it for her.

Here is the final look.  Adri is very excited about the new style and always thinking of ways she can do it and just happy for something different.  I like it too!

The second ingredient in this recipe of hers is a brand new Kitchen Aid.  Adri recently completed 5 years with her company and they gave her a list of things to choose from.  I don't think there was much of a contest between this and whatever else may have been on the list.  I think the hardest choice was the color.  I gave her my two sense, and I think it worked.  I didn't choose the color, just told her to pick something she will be able to live with for however long we have the thing (hopefully a really long time).  So, presenting.... Kitchen Aid...

And, when you mix the two together you get Kitchen Cut.  It looks quite good and goes very well together.  It is very versatile and easily managed.  It produces some wonderful creations and brings a lot of joy to one, Adri.  I'm happy to have had the opportunity to witness and be a part of this new recipe, and even more excited for the surprises that come from it.

Adri and Kitchen Aid (a.k.a. Kitchen Cut) send their love to all.

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Marie said...

I love the cut! (You're awesome Taneea!) That was a lot of hair to chop. Did you cry, AJ? :) Nice Kitchen Aid too. We bought one this year and it really does make life easier. Congrats!