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19 October 2008

Playing with light

I've been playing with the setting on my camera a lot lately and really trying different things. I have come to find in my photography that I always in corporate different lighting into what I do. Obviously is takes light to take pictures, but I think that most people use light to compliment the scene. They set up the light to get the picture they want. I think that I have been using the scene to compliment the light and set up my scene based on the lighting. So, last night as I was out and about wandering around Evanston, I found this little park with the lighting that I just loved and came out with these pictures.

One of the things I love here is the ghost-like quality of putting myself in the picture, but not for the entire time of the actual shot. I decided to entitle these, "Leaving my mark on the world."

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Cali Haynie said...

Mark you are getting really good a t photography! I am glad you told me you had a blog. I added you to my link list haha. Mine is

Miss you!