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18 October 2008

Blogger composition page

I've decided that I hate the composition page here in Blogger.  And quite honestly, I don't care if they read this and delete the post or get rid of my blog all together.  Here are my complaints, and if anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME...

1. The area that I can use to create and edit a post is way to small.  It is hard to see what you are actually doing without hitting preview 5 bazillion times.

2. You can't pick the spot to upload your pictures.  You put your cursor where you want the picture and hit upload and the picture shows up at the top of the page.

3. When you move pictures around it messes up the format you have already set up for your text.  Then once you get the pictures where you want them and try to fix the text, it messes up the pictures.  If you try to do pictures first, it is a beast to get the text to go where you want it.  It is a never ending circle of frustration.

In all honesty, I am amazed that I have been able to post what I have up to this point.  But for now, I'm going to live with it in hopes that it will change one day, and I will keep on blogging.  In fact, I have 2 posts that I am working on and can't seem to get to be set up the way I want them to be.  I'll keep trying, but for now... I'm out!

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Kristin said...

I might be able to offer help but would need to be in front of my blog at the same time. :) I learned by playing around and asking people.