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12 November 2010

Halloween and trips

Ok, so I have missed Halloween by almost 2 weeks now... but I wanted to show off our pumpkins anyway. We had one that was not carved (still going to so we can bake the seeds), then a goofy pumpkin, and lastly a Jack Skellington face. We had a lot of fun doing these, and then dressed up as dead rock climbers (I don't have any pictures of this) and went to see a movie.
Adri and I like to go on Sunday drives up the canyon, exploring the mountains, and really anywhere we think may be interesting. It is nice to just relax, a chance for me to take pictures, and time for Adri to just watch and laugh at me as I run around with my camera.

Lastly, we went to Colorado to see Adri's sister Tara and her husband Jeff, and their family (Aidan, Jessie, Cambrey and Avery)... who got a puppy (Tinder). Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them or the dog, and Adri said she is going to train me to start paying more attention to those types of things. Sorry. But, we did get to do some exploring of some abandoned places... oh how I love those places. Here are some of my favorites!

I almost forgot. We went to this place called Bishops Castle. Apparently this guy is just building this all by hand from stones, cement and metal... well, with some wood as well for floors. Anyway, I didn't get any good angles of the entire thing, but look it up and you will see what it looks like. This guy must hate the government because there were signs all over the place talking about how they were trying to shut him down, make money off of his tourist attraction (it is free to go wherever you want), and all this other random stuff. I kinda wish more places would allow you to go anywhere and kinda explore on your own. Sadly, I understand why they don't... but still.Anyway, we ended up climbing all of the towers, and even meditating in a big ball at the top of one. It looked like he was going to make it be able to rotate around you when you are standing in it. Maybe one day we'll have to make a trip back over there and see what more he has done.

2 people had something to say:

Rasmussen Pottery said...

Great shots! I never new that part of Colorado was so interesting! And yeah, pics of the cute kids would be nice too, ha ha

Danielle said...

Marcus...your photos are REALLY nice! Is that what you are doing these or is it just a hobby? You look happy and that makes me smile!