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17 October 2010

A little more interesting...

You know, one of the benefits of being married is that life just gets more interesting. As a direct result, maybe that means that this blog does too! And, with the wedding being over, Adri and I get to spend more time doing things we wanted to do before and even more time goofing off.

Recently we started hiking again and have had some enjoyable ones so far. We also went camping for the first time as a couple. That was a blast because we got to use some of the things people got us for our reception (for which we are very grateful) and we got to start a list of things that we really need. The entire time we were out there, Adrienne kept saying how much she was loving it and that we have to do it again (even though she was pretty cold at night). Needless to say, you will see that we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit, and we are getting more creative with my camera.
Adrienne wasn't sure which star she liked most, so she just got confused and scared.
I just plain freaked out while we were there and yelled at everything.
Dan copes by stuffing his face with marshmallows the size of your fist and plays "chubby bunny." Sadly, he played alone because he was the only one to be able to fit an entire one of those things in his mouth.
We were settled for a short time, but that consisted of playing in the fire and trying to make it spark as much as possible. In fact, we even resorted to a fire dance.

After enough play and dance, the stars aligned and told the truth. If you look closely enough you will see that they are right on when they say "Mark (insert heart here) Adrienne."

In our hiking times, we have seen some beautiful scenery and it makes us wonder how some people can not enjoy going out and seeing these places. Some of them may be a little harder to reach than others, but regardless they are worth every step it takes.

My in-laws (well, part of them) join in all the fun with us as well. They must have been jealous of the people that rode horses up the hike, as they moved much faster than this log.

Like I said, we get more goofy as life goes on, and we hope these faces don't get passed down to our children.

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