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11 June 2010

Cakes, cakes, cakes...

Adrienne has a talent. She took a cake decorating class and fell in love with it. Now she makes cakes for friends and family all the time. She asks me all the time to take pictures, and then people want to see them. So, here you go.... here are the 3 cakes I have pictures of.
This one she did for a friends wedding. It is the first I saw her make and I think it pushed her into doing more because people seem to be asking all the time now.
This was from a bridal shower that she did. A friend saw a picture in a magazine of one similar and asked Adrienne if she could do it. She did and then spiced it up!

I don't know really what this one was for, I think a birthday. Regardless I think it is my favorite so far! She's just awesome, that's all I have to say!

1 people had something to say:

Becki said...

wow! you have one talented girl! those are awesome! is she going to make your wedding cake too?