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07 March 2010

Recent addition to the family... FISHEYE LENS!!!

I just bought a new lens--one I have been wanting for a long time. It took me some time to decide to actually do it, but after a good hearty discussion with someone at a shop and then being allowed to play and test it before I bought--I made the decision. I have been playing with it all weekend, and am absolutely loving every moment of it. So, here are some shots that I took with my new lens... a fisheye!

It gives such an awesome effect. And that partnered with some of the new things I have been learning turned into some pretty cool shots. Enjoy!

3 people had something to say:

Rob, Adrienne and Sam said...

Those are really cool!

Kati said...

i am VERY impressed Mark! great job!!

Becki said...

this is so cool. every time i look at your pictures, it makes me want to get a new camera and become a photographer!