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20 February 2010

Me? Curling? Yes, and fantastic!

So, with the Olympics going on right now people are glued to the TV quite a bit I am sure. I have to admit that I was entranced when I watched Shaun White pull his Double McTwist 1260, and on a victory lap essentially. Amazing! I mean, to see these athletes do amazing things just makes you feel good. Especially when the person who is so amazing is representing the country you live in!

Anyway, I think most people know what curling is, and most people would probably also say it is the most boring of all events in the winter Olympics. But, I don't think most people have tried it. Well, last night I was able to go to the Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City to get a lesson and have my hand at it. Much harder than it looks, and way more addicting. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend it. And just to prove I did it, and even enjoyed it, here are the pictures.

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