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17 August 2009

Cash 4 Clunkers and a new health care plan...

So, I've never been a political analyst nor a political activist, yet this is something that has been on my mind lately. As many of you may or may not know, with my current job I work indirectly with the car industry. I work for a software company that helps dealerships manage their customers. Anyway, as a result, I am in dealerships all the time. As of late this whole Cash For Clunkers (a.k.a. C.A.R.S or Car Allowance Rebate System) has been the topic of conversation everywhere I have been. In hearing about it, I have made a few observations and a few of my own conclusions. In these observations, I start to wonder as well about the health care plan that is being debated as well. Here are my thoughts, again, they are only thoughts and opinions.

1. Cash for Clunkers was a good idea to boost car sales and try to get the economy going, but a horribly planned and executed idea.
2. While it is easy for people to get their rewards on this, for the dealerships, it is a nightmare.
3. What qualifies and does not qualify a car has changed a number of times without any warning.
4. There are 14 pages of paperwork that have to be filled out, then uploaded onto the internet. If you mess up, you don't find out until they reject you. In the upload process, there is no save, therefore if the site crashes from everyone else trying to upload, you have to start over. And I've heard it crashes a lot.
5. People are just getting info from clunker cars and uploading it without having to actually prove they took that car in and sold a new one.
6. Since beginning of this program, only 2% of all deals have been paid back by the government.
7. Dealerships are running out of inventory and don't have much coming. So, what's going to happen when they are out of cars? Oh wait, that means that don't make any money...

And really, this is only the beginning. So, as I was talking to a dealership about it, they had one thing to say to me... "People think this is bad... if this is any kind of sign, what do you think the health care plan is going to be like." I'd have to agree. Plus, living in Chicago, I hear plenty of stories from people who work in hospitals that already do universal health care. Latest, there is a lady who had a really bad case of TMJ and can't open her mouth. They told her she needs to get a scan to see what they can do to help. When she asked how long until that can be done... at least a month. Hmmm....

Just as a side note... Glenn Beck makes a good point here.

This is scary stuff if you ask me... and this is just about getting new cars and helping the car industry. What will they do with healthcare?

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Holly said...

Oh, you're so right. There are so many things the government does that don't make sense to me and don't sit right. Obama seems to think that his Health Care Plan will only be for those who don't have insurance, but once it is in place, what company will actually want to provide insurance for their employees? Why pay for your employees to have insurance when the government will provide it? Pretty soon we'll all be on this health care plan, which will only provide cheap, crappy doctors.