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21 August 2009

Beautiful Abandonment

So, I am quite the curious person, and also have this odd obsession with old abandon places. With work this past week I was down in the Peoria, Illinois area and heard about an old abandon mental hospital. As I started researching it I found that it wasn't too far from where I was, and the people I was working with knew about it. I asked about it and said I wanted to go over there, so they told me where it was, but in the process told me about all these other abandon buildings. I had quite the list of places to visit that night. Most of them I could not get into, well, all but one in fact. Exploring places like this gets my adrenaline flowing, and I get so excited. So, here is a log of my adventures that night. The first picture is the asylum, and from there on, it is all this other building (an old grain milling and elevator plant I think) that I actually did get into without any trouble at all (i.e. no locked doors).
This asylum is currently being restored by some organization down in the area. They give guided tours for $25, or you can stay in it over night with free reign to go wherever you want for $100. I think I know where I might be going for Halloween.

From here on down is all the same place that I actually got inside of. I think I will go back when I am more prepared for the excursion (no work clothes and bring a tripod).

5 people had something to say:

Rob, Adrienne and Sam said...

Too creepy for me Mark.

Miss Candy Anderson said...

Those are beautiful!!!!!! You need people to go and pose there for you

Wonderful Whittacres said...

Okay, I feel responsible for turning you on to this at the High Land fesitival but you really have the gift of seeing beautiful things out of ordinary stuff. I would go with you anytime your around.

Tricia said...

Amazing, I'd love to see what you can do with your tripod!

Meghan and Tyler said...

These are awesome Mark. I had to grab Tyler to see what you did because he always wants to go into abandoned buildings to go exploring...I refuse to go with him! The pictures are amazing, you are getting quite good. Keep up the posts!