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18 July 2009

Maine and the Lobsters

This last week work sent me to Portland, Maine. It was my first time ever going to Maine and also my first time ever eating lobster. Not that I haven't ever wanted to, but it is usually pretty expensive. Anyway, it was much much cheaper in Maine, and work was paying for it. So, I figured, why not have the experience in the place most known throughout the entire US for its lobster. The state is gorgeous as well, and there is some cool stuff to see. There are rocky beaches and cliffs into the ocean, lighthouses everywhere, and just all around beauty everywhere I went.This is the victim of my first lobster meal. Oh, and the New England clam chowder was pretty dang good too!
This is by far and away my favorite picture I took on my trip up there. The sun just happened to line up perfectly with the lighthouse to give the illusion of it being on and shining bright during the day.

I hope to be able to go back one day and explore other areas and see what other places and scenes I can find in what the people on Maine call "Vacationland."

2 people had something to say:

Rob, Adrienne and Sam said...

Great photos. I love the light house one too.

Wonderful Whittacres said...

Chopper said to tell you that's a sissy lobster . . . I said that it's your first one, I wouldn't get Mr. Giganto either! Now if it was crab though . . . yum, crab . . .