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18 July 2009

Biking Mackinac Island

About 2 weekends ago I went home to see my parents and one of my younger bros (Jeff) before he went off to school. We decided that we wanted to go to Mackinac Island for a grueling bike ride. It is this little 8 miles around island in Lake Huron where no cars are allowed. You take a ferry to it and then either walk, bike or ride horses. We didn't want to pay for horses so we biked it. It had been raining all weekend, but the weather was PERFECT when we got there.
These are my parents and brothers as we took a break for some pictures and rock skipping. The water was a bit choppy so the most we could get the rocks to skip was about 4 or 5 skips.

This is actually a picture of Jeff from the day before when he and I were near our parents house looking for old places to explore.
Now, I know this isn't anywhere close to the size of Arch's National Park in Utah, but natural arch's are always cool and beautiful!

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