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13 December 2008

My world travels

Well, I have added another stamp to my passport this past week.  Granted it was for business purposes, and it wasn't too far... but international travel is international travel.

I was in Canada, a city called Kitchener.  It is about an hour or so outside Toronto, Ontario.  It was a great trip, although really only work related.  The people were great, I learned some new pronunciations of words that make me laugh, and ate at one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at (4 times in 5 days isn't bad).

On the way home I sat next to a girl who was flying to Chicago to see her boyfriend.  I asked about how they met and such, and she said it was online.  In fact, she said she knows a number of people who are meeting people online and dating them seriously.  I must be missing out on something then.  She recommended a few sites to me that she hears are popular in Chicago, but I don't think I will actually look into it.  Anyway, as we got onto better topics I found out that she is starting her own jewelry line that should be launching soon.  In listening to her describe it it sounds pretty cool.  It is crazy the people you meet and the things you learn on a plane.  And to think, usually I just listen to my iPod.  Maybe I should be talking more and making more connections.

Back to the note of world travel, I have a new trip that I am starting to plan.  A very good friend of mine from my college years called to tell me that her parents are doing some missionary service in Israel and told her that I need to go visit.  So, she called to tell me all about it and let me know that they really want me to go out and visit them.  Yes, I do know them quite well and was basically a son they never had.  Anyway, so I am starting to plan for this spring/summer.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to good times to go, or good things to see?

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Rachelslope said...

Hey Mark, contact Annie her grandparents were the Dr. at the BYU center and she went there for a semester. here is her blog

Tell her Cheri Koller sent you! lol