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06 September 2008

Well, am not on my computer at this time so I don't have access to the pictures that I want to put up. But, I promise that I will put them up with the story of my cross-country (really only to the middle) move. I wanted to mention 2 things though real quick.

First, I was sitting in the airport on my way back from Atlanta on Friday evening and I was watching CNN on the TV while I was eating. As I was watching they were talking about the election of couse and they started talking about who to vote for. They said that the black republicans were having a hard time trying to decide who to vote for. They were torn between voting for what they stand for and voting to be a part of history. Now, I'm not racist but I think that is ridiculous. Honestly?! This whole election is so retarded this year. People don't seem to care much about the economy, our world relationships and what is going on. It seems to me that people just think this is going to be a historic election, which it will be. But, it shouldn't be about that. I don't care who you vote for, just so long as you vote for them for the right reasons. Vote for someone that you really believe is going to do the best job running our country, not the person that is going to make history. Just because Obama is black doesn't mean you should vote for him. And just because McCain has a woman as his vice president running mate doesn't mean you should vote for him either. This whole thing is getting way out of hand.

The other thing I wanted to mention was in regards to my first full day in Chicago. Before I got here a friend of mine gave me the number to a friend of his who lived here and said that I need to get in contact with her and that she could get me a lot of great information. I was grateful for that, and made the call Friday night when I got back to my place. Little did I know the day and adventure I was in for. I woke up Saturday morning knowing that I was going to be at least going to her apartment for brunch and then figured I would go to IKEA to get some furniture then go home, put it together, organize a few things and then go to bed. No no, not the case. Tiffany and Chrissy decided to bring me under their wings and show me around Chicago. I was invited to go to the Red Bull Flugtag (yeah, I don't know).On the way there we watched this lady try to clim a fence in nice pants and high heels, probably the most awkward thing I've seen in a while. She stopped as she was straddling the fence and seemed to almost be stuck. If only I had my camera at that exact moment in time. I'll just have to hope there is a next time. After driving for a while we couldn't find a place to park so we decided to just go to IKEA, m original plan. We walked arond looking for anything and everything and left with things I wasn't even thinking about when I showed up. We found a circle bed and then decided we needed to find a circle mirror to match. I asked a guy and he went into this huge schpeal about circle mirrors, and that was just too much so I didn't ask him for ceiling mounts. Then we found a huge bookshelf that had like 20 different spots for things. They said I should get it for all my scrapbooking stuff that I don't have. I studied them for a minute and decided that I needed 2. We jumped on couches, felt blankets, ate chocolate cake and looked at a lot of furniture. I ended up leaving with a dresser, coffee table, 2 end tables and a desk. No bed, no couch, no chairs and no rugs... hmmm... does that seem weird to anyone else? I'll probably just take pictures of couches for now and put them where they should be. Then we went back to my place and dropped the stuff off and they deemed my apartment worthy to visit. We got on the El, elevated train, and rode it downtown back to their apartment. We went to Potbelly's for sandwiches, mmmmmmmm, and walked to Millennium Park. We met up with Courtney, Steve and Brent and listened to opera music, laughed, they all talked about past times while I felt awkward (not really) not having any idea what they were talking about. We left there and went looking for a Walgreens that had cookies and cream icecream and went to Daley Plaza with this huge Picasso statue. We made icecream cones and watched skaters and took pictures. Then we went to Vietnam Memorial Park over on the river and chatted more, took more pictures and just had a dandy (yes I said dandy) old time. The end the night I caught the Metra home at 12:35am. Long day for sure, but the best long day I've had in a long time. In short it was worth every minute. What's sad is that tomorrow I have to fly out of town again and I'll have to wait until next weekend to have another adventure... worth the wait I'm sure!

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Matt Olsen said...

Thanks for the anonymous shout out! Glad Day 1 with the Chicago crew was such a success...sans the circle bed and mirror...

Wonderful Whittacres said...

I can't even believe that you didn't tell your own sister that you had a blog! MOM had to tell me! But I'm glad she did so I can read your "dandy" adventures!