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26 September 2008

I hate vintage door locks

So, I just got back from Greenville, SC last night and got back to my apartment around about 2:00am.  Yeah, late I know.  Anyway, I walked from my car with all my travel stuff, into the building and up 3 flights of stairs to find out that my door did not work properly.  I was able to unlock it, but I was unable to open it.  I tried for a bit but the nob would not turn.  After a couple minutes of trying I thought I would go try the back door.  So I go down the stairs, outside and around the building and then up the back way.  I open the screen door, and start to open the next door but of course I have chain locked this one.  I thought maybe I could undo that if I used a piece of cardboard and bent it around the door so that I could push it as I pulled the door closed to get more slack on the chain, but I was unsuccessful.  Then I thought maybe I could just ram the door down and hit it a few times (but not too hard, more just testing it to see).  Then I decided that if I did hit it harder a few things would happen.  I would wake the neighbors who would call the police and report me as breaking and entering.  I would break the door and then not have any working door at all.  Or I would break my shoulder and not have a working shoulder.  I decided to leave that door, but thought about climbing to one of the windows and trying to jimmy rig that.  Then I remembered that I live on the 3rd floor and decided that I did not want to die, or at least be injured really badly.  So I called the maintenance man who did not answer and I decided to sleep in the car.

In the end the maintenance guy and a locksmith showed up in the morning and cut the chain lock and let me in.  The locksmith then looked at my front door and had no idea what had happened to it, but he fixed it.  So now I have a working vintage door, but I still hate those dang locks.

On a side note, they told me they are going to replace all my windows with new ones, and my new bed is being delivered today!

1 people had something to say:

Lisa said...

That sounds horrible - and at 2 in the AM! I would have been so cranky and angry. Funny to laugh at now though!