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27 August 2008

From the beginning of the summer...

On May 5th, 2008 I started a new job after graduating the month before from BYU in Provo, UT. I was hired by a company called DealerSocket based in San Clemente, CA as a consultant--absolutely nothing to do with my degree in travel and tourism. People always thought I would be living in CA eventually, and well, there I was. I got a place 3 blocks from the beach in Huntington Beach, made some friends and started working hard.
In time I bought a camera and started taking pictures of things I did and things I saw. In about 3 short months that flew by, I was able to do and see some awesome things. I spent time in Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Kentucky, Kansas, Utah, Arkansas, Milwaukee, and so on. On the weekends I spent my time on the beach getting a tan, trying to surf, hanging out with friends, visiting my cousins, and doing just about anything I could find. I really loved every moment that I had there, and look forward to being able to visit again in the future, if not move back (hey, you never know).

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