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02 March 2013

We found a new complex to explore.  There is actually some work being done on it, so you can't explore everything about it.  And, I think they use a part of it for a haunted house in the fall months as well, so that makes it a little extra creepy.  Granted, I assume the buildings used specifically for that are locked down pretty tight so as to not have anythings stolen.  Regardless, Adri and I live by the urban exploration mantra of "Take nothing but photographs.  Leave nothing but footprints."

I found this location through a website, that my brother-in-law Chopper introduced me to.  Come to find out, the location is only about 15 minutes away from us.  It took us a bit to find a place that we could park and then hike in.  But, once we got to the complex itself, oh boy was it worth it.  We didn't have a ton of time so we only got into one building, but there are many more to come.  This it the front of the building that we did get into.  It actually wasn't hard, no breaking and entering here.

Once inside, we saw some of the most interesting decay we've ever seen.  It was truly a sight to be seen and shared.

We've only just begun exploring this complex.  We'll be back.  There are a couple other buildings we are curious about, including this one...

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