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14 May 2012

The Days of DisneyRas

Most of the Rasmussen clan came to see Adri and I about a week ago now.  Showed up on a Friday night and headed back home on a Wednesday.  Adri spent the entire weekend and partial week with then while I slaved away at work.  I did spend a few days with them, but unfortunately was not able to be at Disneyland all of Monday and Tuesday.  I know they had tons of fun as I heard plenty of stories and have seen plenty of pictures.  Anyway, here is a brief look at the Rasmussen adventure to California.

Saturday we went out to Palmdale and spent the day at a wedding of a cousin of the Rasmussen's.  We got to enjoy some free food, good dancing, and each others company.  We also got to see a part of CA that Adri and I have not yet seen.  That included some REALLY cool abandoned buildings that we didn't have time to explore... maybe some other day.

Then on Sunday we went down to the beach after church for a relaxing afternoon.  A few of the kids had never seen the ocean before, so it was fun to watch them play in the sand and wade in the surf.

I can't help but take pictures of my beautiful wife.  I think she was not expecting me to take this picture because when I put the camera down she asked if I really just took a picture.  Luckily for me, it turned out to be a great picture.  Otherwise we may not have proof that she was there.
The kids (nieces and nephew) really enjoyed the water and sand.  Alyssa really enjoyed running out to the waves and then running back screaming trying not to get wet.  Eventually she just had to give it and feel the ocean water on her legs.
Jane didn't really care much for the water.  She just kept filling up her pail with sand and creating sand castles.  Ok by me as it provided for a good number of cute pictures.

K and Kerri had fun coming back to where Kerri grew up.  Although they may love the mountains and snow, I think that secretly Kerri wishes she was here... as seen by the look on her face.
Kellen ran around like a little maniac the entire time we were at the beach.  He just played in the water and I am sure could have played there for hours upon hours.  I don't think he put his arms by his side once... he just ran around with them flying all over the place.
There is actually a normal picture of us smiling at the beach, and I wanted to post that one.  But, Adri said that she preferred this one.  I must admit... she's learning.
This was one of the favorite things to do I think... sit and let the water wash away the sand around your feet and see how far you could sink.  Alyssa, Marie and Kellen stood here for probably about 15 minutes just sinking.
Taylor and Marie really enjoyed the fact that there were a bunch of babysitters around to watch their kids so that they could enjoy the weather, water and sand as well.

After the beach we celebrated Taneea's big birthday... the one we al love... 30!  She got a pot of suckers that said "30 Sucks," Minnie ears to wear at Disneyland, and a little journal to write the thoughts of her heart.

Then came the two solid (and I mean SOLID) days of Disneyland.  In fact, I am dubbing those 2 straight days "The Days of DisneyRas."  It was non-stop rides, shows, walking and food for 2 days.  I think Taylor clocked it on his pedometer, which said that in one day they walked 10 miles.  That's a lot of walking.  Needless to say, they came home and slept quite well every night.  I was lucky enough to get off work a bit early on Monday and beat the traffic and spend that evening with them.  It was fun to see them all there, and even more fun to watch the little ones admire the characters, ride any ride they could, and just have a genuinely good time.

And, how can you count a day a success without the classic picture of father and son at the happiest place on earth... DisneyRas!

Adri loved spending all that time with the Rasmussen clan, and I wish I could have as well.  But all in all, we had a great time and enjoyed having people here.

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Unknown said...

Sure wish we could have been there! Miss you guys :)

Kerri and K.L. said...

Thanks Mark! Great pics! The Days of DisneyRas, Love it. Except that picture of me...