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10 April 2011

Running and climbing... recent accomplishments!

So, we haven't posted in a while, and there are many things we would like to post about.  But, we just haven't taken the time.  Regardless, we wanted to take a quick moment to talk about some recent accomplishments on both our parts.

Adri recently completed another half marathon, then Moab Half.  That brings her running totals to 6 full marathons and 8 half marathons, not counting the countless miles run while training.  Needless to say, I am quite proud of my Adri.

Lastly, just this past Friday, Adri and I entered a climbing competition at our local climbing gym.  We talked to a few of the employees there before signing up and were told it was nothing serious.  I told them what I am climbing consistently to know which group I should sign up for.  They told me that there will probably be a lot of advanced people in the intermediate division and so on down, so I signed up for the beginner division.  Adri signed up for the same division in women's as well.  So, we had a great time and both did super well.  Adri didn't place, but she climbed a route that is hard than anything she has ever tried... and she climbed it well.  I also did well, and in fact placed first in my division.  If I remember hearing the scores properly, I would have placed first in the intermediate division as well.

Life is just grand, and we are having a great time running and climbing, and traveling in between.

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