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06 February 2011

California... there we were...

As some of you may know, an some may not, Adri and I decided that we needed some time away from work and time away from the cold of Utah. So, we took a weekend and drove to California. A couple days of 70+ degree weather is pretty enticing if I do say so myself. You should try it... I promise you won't regret it. The funny thing is that we have been talking about it since before we were married. And not just talking about it in passing, but literally talking about it and planning it. In fact, I remember very distinctly telling my cousins we wanted to come stay with them in February (as you can see by the date above, it is February). We told our families, our friends and anyone else who cared to listen that we were going. Yet, for some reason, not many people believed us and when it came time to go people asked why we didn't invite them or tell them about it. Well, consider this a warning... when we start talking about doing something or going somewhere, we mean business. So, jump on the bandwagon early and jump on often.

Having said that, here is a bit of our adventure...

We left promptly after work (or got permission to leave early) on Wednesday night and drove to St. George to stay with Adri's friend Margie. It was nice to get that part of the trip out of the way and not have to drive so far on Thursday.
I drove like a maniac of course and Adri stayed calm. She even rewarded me when she realized that we weren't going to die. Thanks for the kiss.
All that sitting really drains you though, and being in a weird position for cutting apples makes it hard to do it in one swift movement. She cut the apple, but not straight and not right away. That's ok.... my knee didn't help when offered. But, when I am trying to drive through the middle of nowhere with nothing to look at but sagebrush and mountains there isn't much to offer and still pay attention to where we are going.
Once we got to California we dropped some things off at my work's corporate offices, grabbed some lunch and went to the beach. Perfect, warm, sunny and calm... everything you could want at the beach!

Once we finally arrived at my cousins house we were introduced the "Michael Jackson Experience," a game for the Wii. Basically you learn to dance like Micahel. As seen in the video here, neither of us is the next Thriller master, but we did our best... and enjoyed it as well.

The next morning was a full day of Disneyland. We rode every ride we wanted to there by lunch, then every ride at California Adventure by dinner (the joys of February visits to Disneyland). We wanted to share a few of our experiences, including the screaming of Adri on the Tower of Terror in the video below.

We took a ride into space through some magical mountain. It was so awesome that Adri scream of joy and I just couldn't help almost jump out of my seat. Then while in space we were recruited by Buzz Lightyear to chase down and defeat Zurg and his plot to overtake the world of toys (somehow a grand total of 125,500 points means that you did it... yay us!).
Then, because apparently life isn't cool enough in 2-D we had to learn to live it in 3-D. As you can see by my glasses, I was already on my way while Adri just talked to the lady taking the picture.

The driving at Disneyland was just as bad as trying to drive through California on any given day... I am going crazy due to the fumes from so many people on the road, and Adri gets scared because she hadn't seen real traffic jams until we got there.

We tried on souvenirs but they didn't make my truly fly, nor did they turn Adri in Mickey Mouse.

Once the sun had set and we spent 12 full hours in Disneyland walking around, standing, and riding all the rides that we could, we went to the car. Oh, but the fun did not stop there. We shortly came to learn something new about ourselves. Your face can do some pretty odd things when you are tired. And, as proof, we are providing you with moments (if not hours) of something to laugh about.

After a full day at Disneyland we were still up for more. The next morning we got up and drove to Six Flags Magic Mountain and rode some wicked scary and fun roller coasters there. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures. We didn't carry a whole of things lot for a few reasons:
  1. We didn't want to lose anything in all the twists and loops and turns we experienced.
  2. We didn't want to get mugged (ask any So.Cal resident about Magic Mtn and you'll hear stories of gang violence and stabbings).
All in all it was a trip well taken and one we will do again (meaning we are already talking about it for next February if we are still in Utah). Hint hint!

4 people had something to say:

Brianna said...

so jealous and so fun! I am definitely needing one of those trips right about now! :)

Denise Gasser said...

That looks like a blast! I can't wait until Liam is old enough to go to Disneyland. We should do a big Gasser family trip. Speaking of trips, when are you guys going to come back here? Tell Adri that Zara and H&M are still calling her name!

The Cottle Family said...

That looks like fun. I had to laugh when AJ was cutting the apple in the car, because when Nick and I went to San Diego I was reaching in the cooler in the back of the car and I cut my finger really bad on the apple slicer we happened to bring. The cut was so bad that I didn't swim in the ocean for the first 2 days we were at our beach house because of fear it would get infected. California is a great getaway, the kids and I are flying to LA next month to visit Scott for 2 weeks, I can't wait!!! April

Mark and Adri said...

April! That is fantastic news! I hope you enjoy LA. It seems like that will be a good time to visit before the weather gets super muggy and hot.
That is crazy about the apple slicer. I am sorry you cut your finger. I don't think ours is sharp enough to do that.