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17 December 2010

Traditions? What traditions?

Christmas is a time for love, joy and happiness, and of course... traditions. Problem is, when you are newly weds you don't exactly have any of those yet. So, we have gone about trying to figure this whole thing out. Thus far, it has been quite the adventure. We steal traditions from others, we decorate what little space we have in an already overcrowded apartment, and we try to figure out what it is really that we want to do this year. What do we get for each other without giving it all away? And when we get something, how do we hide it in a place with zero hiding places? Regardless, we are excited to have our first, and so we wanted to give you some pictures of just the beginning.We went and bought our first tree at Home Depot for $32.00. What a deal for a real tree. Adri keeps saying she thinks it is fake because there are 0 bald spots and it looks perfect from basically every angle. We tied it to the top of my Subaru (thank goodness for a ski rack) and drove it home, needles flying through the wind.

We put it into the small corner we have available, and moved the TV over a bit to be sure there was enough room. Put the lights on, and hung the ornaments.
I'm not sure if Adri is trying to be creepy or serious here. Or maybe she is just excited but not sure how to express it. Either way, this is a great face for Christmas.

Of course a tree is not complete without presents, so we put everything we have for each other, for others and anything else that would look good under the tree. Our own first Christmas. Adri also made a wreath (with the help of her mom) that looks great on the wall instead of a clock.
We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to the new year ahead. Of course, in the hustle and bustle of it all, we hope you all remember and cherish the true meaning of Christmas! Merry Christmas to all! Love Mark and Adri!

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