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16 April 2010

What do you do in your free time?

Sometimes, on the days when I seem to be so busy that the end of the day comes too quickly, I think to myself, "What would I do in my spare time?" Well, then I remember days when I have spare time and I remember the crazy things I do. I thought I would share...

First up, Soda Pop Derby! Some of my friends have done this with me, and others probably wish they had. Well, now you don't have to... here are the pictures to prove how fun it is! All you need is some cheep-o soda (I recommend Wal-Mart brand) a crappy baseball bat and a field. Shake the cans, softball style pitch and swing away. The results are as follows:

Oh, and because you can't see it really, you get really wet and sticky depending on how many cans you destroy, so wear trash clothes. Trust me, it's worth every moment!

Next up, I explore... A LOT! I love the old and abandoned things that are deteriorating. They just make for some fun pictures and interesting adventures. Here are some old cars on a hillside that were used to stop erosion (oh how resourceful).

I really do enjoy my free time so much, as there is so much in this world to enjoy!

2 people had something to say:

Becki said...

aw, the memories of the old soda pop derby days. that was good times i tell ya! glad to see you are keeping the tradition alive!

Kati said...

i wanna play this!!