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02 June 2009

The "Highland" games

So I went home for Memorial weekend to see the Highland Games.  I guess apparently there is a large population of Scott's out in the middle of Michigan.  In fact, the tiny town of Alma is nicknamed "Scotland USA."  There sure were a lot of kilts and bagpipes, that's for sure.  So, here are some photos from the event.It is kinda hard to see what this guy is doing in the sequence here, but this is the hammer throw.  And it isn't like the hammer in the Olympics.  It is a 20 lb lead ball on a stick.  One of the guys let go a bit too late and threw it into the crowd.  I don't think I would want to be in the way of that.  Luckily no one got hurt.  We also saw the caber toss, which is basically these guys throwing a telephone poll... the thing was HUGE.

I would say the games were a success, and I really enjoyed being there.  Walking around the games and such all you heard were bagpipes and drums.  Granted, if you don't enjoy the sound it would be quite annoying, but I love the bagpipes!!  It was wonderful!

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